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Mayor Fluke Tips?
March 22, 2009, 3:59 pm
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What’s your favorite example of our boy mayor’s shinanigans?  Send them to us at fluke.ravenstahl AT gmail DOT com!


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could you do any better? So what he spent some money to help make this great city look better.what would you do to better this city tough guy. instead of wasting ur time making web sites to slander the mayor of this great city, why dont u get out their and make a difference. your the fluke. dont be a hater.

Comment by Brandon

The question really isn’t whether I could better, it’s whether one of his challengers in the race could do better, and I’m of the opinion that any one of them could. A couple other points:

– There’s nothing about me that’s tough in any way, shape, or form!
– Slander is an oral statement…I think you meant libel.
– 250 Trash cans for $1000 each? That much money could have been used to make this city look better far more effectively in other ways than trash cans. $50 each would be a different story.

– Since when is exercising first amendment rights a waste of time?

– Why would you assume I’m not doing a multitude of other things to make a difference?

Comment by mayorfluke

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